We are pleased to say we are classed as an essential business and will be staying open throughout this pandemic to offer you the highest vibration in nutritional health food and juices and want to assure you we are taking every precaution to keep our facility at the highest standard.

We are offering a FREE delivery service on all orders in our local area and we will deliver fresh to your door and call you to let you know its there. We are praying this passes quickly and we can be with our friend and family once again

Detox Information

Our cleanses have been specially formulated to incorporate all the healing properties of mother nature to help cleanse & flush out built up toxins that cause lethargy, depression sickness and di ease.  Helping you regain your natural health & wellbeing, giving you more energy & zest for life.  Rich in essential plant micro nutrients to nourish the body & support detoxification & healing. 

detox information

All our detox’s support weight loss, help alkaline the body & reduce inflammation

Please see our different cleanse options for more details.  We also offer taylor made programs to help with any health concerns & we cater for all food allergies. Please call 07963514579 to discuss a personalised plan with our nutritionists

Expected end results from embarking on a detox journey, flushing out toxicity & flooding the body with live enzymes, vitamins & minerals

Feel Refreshed

Feeling refreshed, fight of cold & flu, healthy weight loss, glowing skin, improved energy, improved health, a brighter happier zest for life.  Slimmer waist, leaner body, stronger immune system, radiant clearer skin, distress from tension within, more relaxed, sleeping better, improved performance, feeling more balanced & centred, healthy more sustainable eating habits, harmony & balance, feeling empowered, motivated & alert, reduced inflammation, alkaline and oxygenated body, fully repairing the body & restoring the body back to its natural health & vitality, healing on total rejuvenation healing at a cellular level