We are pleased to say we are classed as an essential business and will be staying open throughout this pandemic to offer you the highest vibration in nutritional health food and juices and want to assure you we are taking every precaution to keep our facility at the highest standard.

We are offering a FREE delivery service on all orders in our local area and we will deliver fresh to your door and call you to let you know its there. We are praying this passes quickly and we can be with our friend and family once again

Rawfully Good Catering Liverpool

Rawfully Good Catering


Catering Liverpool

Planning an event, retreat, or party? Want to offer delicious food that's bursting with flavour, without compromising on nutritional value? Then look no further.

Gourmet Raw Food Chef Claire Cockburn combines passion for nutrition through raw vegan food, culinary creativity, and a love of life with an experienced and professional approach that results in innovative, sensational, vibrant and refreshing raw vegan delights. All meals are made from raw and living organic (wherever possible) plant foods and may incorporate processes such as soaking, sprouting and dehydrating.

Claire is available to cater for your event, wherever you are, throughout the UK.

Rawfully Good 4 U Catering

Rawfully Good Catering Claire Cockburn

Whether it be small or medium size events, social or corporate, at Rawfully Good 4 U we make healthy event planning easy with our raw food catering services. We provide food service for your guests offering fresh, organic, plant-based dishes, reflecting how you care about your guests’ health just as much as you care about your own! We can work within your theme and budget to create raw/vegan dishes that attract the eyes and tempt the taste buds. Please contact us to discuss this further.

Canepe Selection single trays £20 each or order 10 and get 2 FREE!

20 delicious mouth watering treats per tray

We offer a range of raw food canepes to choose from all raw vegan please see below

1) Italian Pizza - with lemon cashew cheese

2) Mushroom Burgers garnished with tomato jam & garlic cheese

3) Cucumber Boats - with guacamole and paprika

4) Crunchy Sun-dried Tomato Crackers - with tomato & red pepper cream

5) Pumpkin & Cranberry Bread - with sage & onion balls sat on cranberry & orange coulis

6) Mexican Taco - with spicy tomato relish

7) Rich Chocolate Brownie Bites

8) Creamy Carrot & Orange Cake

9) Chocolate Cranberry & Goji Berry Truffles

canapes pic

Let thy food be they medicine

Let thy food be they medicine