How Rawfully Good 4 U was born

Wow when I think back of my journey to get were I am today it really has been an amazing 5 years. I’ve been traveling all over the world learning so many exciting new things and I have met some of the most amazing people who have taught me so much.

I remember just before I went on my last big trip to travel for 1 year around South America, New Zealand, Indonesia and the Philippines. I sent my request out to the universe of what I would like to experience. I wanted to learn more about the body & the mind and I wanted to cleanse my self fully of old habits and negative thinking and I wanted to understand more about the body and how to heal.

Well the universe gave me everything I asked for and so much more. I finally arrived at Bahay Kalipay in June of 2013 half way through my trip, a place that can only be described as beautiful in every way and a place that you are destined to go if you are on soul searching journey like me. I was only due to stay for 1 month but I extended my trip and stayed just over 4 months there.

I worked as a volunteer offering healing and fitness classes & various different workshops. Over the course of the 4 months I was living on just raw foods made in there loving conscious kitchen and I started to reap the benefits of this live raw nutritious food is so many ways. My body shape changed my skin healed my mind was clearer I was sleeping less and yet had so much more energy it was unbelievable.

I knew I was going to feel amazing after staying in a retreat and living on raw foods but I didn’t foresee the deep spiritual benefits its brought about and the changes in my persecution & the joy it brought into my life. Since this journey started I have continued to study nutrition, raw foods and many different detoxifying protocols.

I have tried many different detoxes including hydrotherapy, coffee enema, liver flush, kidney cleansing, the hilda clark parasite cleanse and many more. My life has changed is so many ways and my health has improved dramatically in every way possible. I have now set up my very Raw Food & Detox Center “Rawfullygood4u” so that other people can benefit from the knowledge and health benefits I received.

Living on raw foods is so much more than a healthy diet. It is allowing your body to cleanse of all impurities from Mind Body & Spirit. The benefits speak for them self and after only a few days juicing or eating raw foods you will see and feel the difference for your self.

Now I am not asking people to go fully raw and dramatically change there life style I set out on a mission to educate people about the amazing healing benefits of a healthy whole food diet and also about how toxic and polluted our food chain is with so many chemicals, and preservatives and processed foods in our diet we are depleting our bodies of vital nutrients and this is causing illness& diseases to the body.

My mission and my vision is to shine light on the truth and give you the knowledge to empower your self and make the changes needed in your life for your health & happiness.